Who Won Money Inthe Bank 2015?

Sheamus was victorious in the Money in the Bank contract’s titular ladder match, which took place on Raw. In the main event, Seth Rollins successfully defended his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Dean Ambrose, who was defeated in a ladder match. Having money in the bank is a good thing (2015)

Money in the Bank
Promotional poster featuring Dean Ambrose
Promotion WWE
Date June 14, 2015
City Columbus, Ohio

Who won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Money in the bank?

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship was won by Dean Ambrose over Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank – SUCCESSFUL CASH-IN 18. A ladder match for a WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship match contract was also held at Money in the Bank. This material has been downloaded from YouTube.

Who wins 2016 money in the bank?

When it came time for the main event, Seth Rollins defeated Roman Reigns to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. However, he was defeated by Dean Ambrose minutes later, after cashing in the Money in the Bank contract that he had won earlier in the event to defeat Rollins for the championship. Other people who appear on the screen.

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Role: Name:
Pre-show panel Booker T

Who won the man’s money in the bank?

Rob Van Dam won the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 22 after shoving Shelton Benjamin and Matt Hardy off of a ladder while he was on another ladder and collecting the briefcase off the other ladder.

Who Won roman vs Edge money in the bank?

Results from WWE Money in the Bank 2021: Roman Reigns defeats Edge in an excellent main event.

Did Chris Jericho wins money inthe bank?

Chris Jericho has never won the Money in the Bank ladder match, which is a surprising fact. Chris Jericho, Edge, Kane, Christian, Chris Benoit, and Shelton Benjamin competed in the world’s inaugural Money in the Bank match on August 1.

Who won the 2017 money in the bank?

After assaulting Shinsuke Nakamura early in the match, Baron Corbin was victorious in the 2017 Money in the Bank ladder match. The fight immediately became heated as Corbin attacked Nakamura as he walked into the arena. Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, A.J. Styles, and Dolph Ziggler, on the other hand, were merciless in their attacks on one another.

When did Dean Ambrose win Money in the Bank?

During WWE Money in the Bank 2016, Dean Ambrose transforms his briefcase into a championship-winning weapon: WWE Money in the Bank 2016.

Who win Money in the Bank 2021 mens?

At the event, seven matches were competed, including one that took place before the Kickoff pre-show. As a result of his victory over Edge in the main event, Roman Reigns successfully defended his Universal Championship. Additionally, Big E and Nikki A.S.H. won their respective Money in the Bank ladder matches, which were held for men and women, respectively.

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Who won the 2012 Money in the Bank?

At the event, eight matches were played, with one match taking place before the pre-show.During the main event, John Cena won the Money in the Bank ladder match for a chance to face Brock Lesnar in the WWE Championship match contract, while Dolph Ziggler won the other Money in the Bank ladder match for a chance to face Daniel Bryan in the World Heavyweight Championship match contract during the opening bout.

Who won 2013 Money in the Bank?

Randy Orton wins the Money in the Bank match for the WWE Championship.

Who won 2021 Money in the Bank?

Takeaways from ‘Money in the Bank’ include Big E’s victory and John Cena’s return to the WWE ring. The correct person was victorious. Big E has been crowned the new Mr. Money in the Bank after winning a spectacular multi-man, multi-ladder fight, putting him one step closer to his first-ever reign as WWE champion.

Who won Money in the Bank 2021 Roman Reigns and Edge?

In the Money in the Bank event on Sunday night, Roman Reigns defeated Edge to retain the Universal Championship. He owed a debt of gratitude to Seth Rollins, who not only assaulted Edge midway through the bout, but also returned to distract the challenger from his own mistakes.

Who won between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar 2021?

As of Saturday afternoon, Brock Lesnar was scheduled to face Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal championship, which he won in 2015. However, as has been the case for most of the previous two years, COVID-19 threw a wrench in the works, and a positive test for Roman Reigns ended up ending the match prematurely.

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Who won the 2011 Money in the Bank?

Daniel Bryan was victorious in the SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match on Monday night. In the fight for the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase, eight of SmackDown’s most talented Superstars squared off, but it was a tenacious Daniel Bryan who emerged victorious and holding the future in the palm of his hands.

Did Roman Reigns win Money in the Bank?

In the aftermath of Money in the Bank, Reigns retained his championship, while Edge and Rollins brawled to the back of Dickies Arena, with both believing the other was responsible for their loss of their respective titles. Reigns took to the microphone and said unequivocally that the entire world had finally recognized him.

When did Edge cash in Money in the Bank?

It is Edge who makes a huge announcement regarding his Money in the Bank victory: ″Please don’t put me into it.″ Edge, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, was the first-ever Mr. Money in the Bank, having taken home the briefcase at WrestleMania 21. It was a watershed moment in Edge’s career because it resulted in his first world championship victory.

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