Where Is Discover Bank Located?

Discover’s present headquarters are in Riverwoods, Illinois, a Chicago suburb just outside of the city. Find out more about Financial.

Type Public
Products Payment systems, Credit cards, Finance, Consumer banking, Loans
Revenue US$12.95 billion (2020)
Operating income US$1.44 billion (2020)

Where is the corporate headquarters of Discover Bank?

All Banks & Financial Institutions Discover Bank has a total of two banking offices. Their corporate headquarters are located at 502 E. Market Street in Greenwood, Delaware, according to their website. Ratings, reviews, corporate information, directions, office hours, their phone number, their online banking website, and branch locations can all be found in the sections below.

Is there a Discover Bank in Greenwood Delaware?

  1. Discover Bank is a financial institution that provides financial services to individuals and businesses.
  2. A Delaware corporation, the Greenwood Trust Company was established in 1911 and is headquartered in Greenwood.
  3. Discover Financial Services purchased the bank in 1985, and the bank was renamed Discover Bank in 2000.
  4. The town hall and police station are currently housed in the former headquarters of Greenwood Trust Co., which was located on East Market Street.
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How many branches does Discover Bank have in Delaware?

Discover Bank presently has one branch, which is situated in the state of Delaware. Discover Bank ranks 22nd among the state’s major financial institutions. The bank does not have any branches or offices outside of the state of Delaware.

Does Discover have a Bank location?

Discover doesn’t have any physical locations to speak of. It does, however, provide you with a variety of alternatives for both deposits and withdrawals.

How many Discover Bank locations are there?

Discover Locations may be found by searching for them. Cash is available at more than 800,000 sites. More than 100 nations throughout the world, including the United States, provide our card holders with convenient access to ATMs, banks, and credit unions.

What Bank is Discover part of?

  1. Chip Lupo is a credit card writer who works in the financial industry.
  2. Associated with Discover Bank, which is a part of Discover Financial Services, is the Discover Credit Card (DFS).
  3. Find out more about Discover Bank’s goods and services.
  4. Discover Bank offers its clients credit cards, checking and savings accounts, loans, retirement accounts, and a variety of other banking and lending products.

How do I deposit cash into Discover Bank?

You can make deposits into your Cashback Debit Account using any of the methods listed below:

  1. Transfer of funds from an external bank account to your Cashback Debit Account through the internet
  2. Through the use of Direct Deposit
  3. Making use of your mobile device, deposit a check that is payable to you utilizing Discover’s Mobile Check Deposit Service.
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What ATM does discovery bank use?

What you need to know about making payments to your Discovery Bank accounts To make a cash withdrawal, follow these steps: Use any ATM that has the Visa logo. Pay a visit to one of our affiliated merchants: Pick n Pay Checkers are a type of checker that allows you to choose what you want to pay for. Spar outlets that are part of the Shoprite Select network.

What banks accept Discover Card?

Banks and credit unions that are taking part

Wells Fargo HNB
Citibank Arvest Bank
Capital One Bank Key Bank
Fifth Third Bank Compass Bank
First National Bank FCF Bank

Where is Discover Card accepted in us?

Discover is accepted at 99 percent of merchant locations in the United States that accept credit cards1. This covers millions of merchants around the country, including grocery shops, gas stations, huge retailers, home improvement centers, internet favorites, wonderful restaurants, major utilities, digital wallets, and a plethora of other businesses.

Is Discover Bank FDIC insured?

Deposits at Discover Bank are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to the maximum amount permitted by law. For further information, please see our FDIC information page.

Can you use a Discover Card at an ATM?

A Discover Card may be used to withdraw cash from banks, credit unions, ATMs, and some retail establishments. A cash advance is achievable with your Discover card from a bank, an ATM, or a credit union, provided that the amount requested is within the contract’s maximum amount.

Is Discover still owned by Sears?

The Discover Card (together with its issuing bank, the Greenwood Trust Company, which is owned by Sears) was dubbed the Sears Financial Network after the company that introduced it. Discover Financial Services was established as a stand-alone entity in 2007.

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Where do Discover cards ship from?

Yes, Discover ships a little package from its headquarters in Utah. In comparison to most other companies, their ‘welcome package’ is more elaborate, consisting of more than a basic white envelope with an invitation card stuck to a piece of paper with your cardmember agreement.

Who is the best bank to bank with?

The best banks, credit unions, and neobanks are listed below.

Financial institution Best for
U.S. Bank Overall, customer service.
Upgrade Overall, cash-back rewards.
Charles Schwab Overall, ATM availability.
Ally Bank Overall, flexible overdraft options.

Is Discover Bank a national bank?

In addition to its sole retail location in Greenwood, Delaware, Discover Bank conducts business as a direct bank on a nationwide scale.

Is Discover Bank online only?

Discover also acts as a lender, offering personal, student, and home equity loans to qualified borrowers. Discover Bank does not have any physical locations where consumers may go to do their banking business because they are solely an internet bank, according to the company.

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