Where Can I Load My Go2 Bank Card?

Deposit Cash at Retail Locations – You can deposit cash at any of our 100,000 participating retailers nationwide, including 7-11, Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart, for a retail service fee of up to $4.95. You can also deposit cash at any of our participating ATMs, which are located in select locations.

Where can I deposit cash using my go2bank debit card?

Use your GO2bank debit card to make a purchase at a retail establishment. Find a cash deposit location near you with the GO2bank app, or stop by a retail store in your neighborhood. Using the app, you may create a secure barcode that you can then scan at a partner retail location.

How can I build my credit with go2bank?

With prudent usage of a secured credit card, you may gradually improve your credit score. 7 Use the app to lock and unlock your card with a single tap. 9 Make a money transfer from a connected debit card to your GO2bank checking account. 10 You can cash a check from the convenience of your own home. ¹¹ For further information, please see GO2bank.com.

Is there an app for go2bank?

This software is only accessible for iPhone and iPad users through the App Store. This is the ideal mobile bank account, filled with all of the tools you’d expect to make managing your money a little bit simpler. We are a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) member bank and a brand of Green Dot Corporation.

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What’s new with the go2bank secured Visa® credit card?

We’ve improved the GO2bank Secured Visa® Credit Card even more by including even more benefits. Using the GO2bank app, you may now change your credit limit, schedule a payment from an external bank account, and set up auto pay to recur on a certain day, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

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