What Is Go2 Bank?

A mobile bank account, known as GO2bank, provides users who receive an approved direct deposit with a number of premium banking advantages that are completely free. Advantages include up to $200 in overdraft protection. Direct deposits can arrive up to two days ahead of schedule. A secured credit card with no annual charge is offered.

Is GO2bank a real bank?

Neobank GO2bank is operated by Green Dot, a financial technology business that enjoys the unique advantage of having its own banking license, which allows it to offer federal deposit insurance. GO2bank, like Green Dot’s first neobank, GoBank, offers a checking account with separate savings subaccounts known as vaults, similar to GoBank.

Why did I get a GO2bank card?

Due to your previous GO2bank customer status or because you opted in to receive marketing from one of our trusted third-party partners, you have been uniquely selected to receive a GO2bank offer.

What bank is associated with GO2bank?

GO2bank is a trademark of Green Dot Bank, which is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.Green Dot Bank trades under the following registered trade names: GoBank, GO2bank, Green Dot Bank, and Bonneville Bank.Green Dot Bank is a subsidiary of Green Dot Bank.All of these registered trade names are used by and pertain to a single FDIC-insured bank, Green Dot Bank, and are all trademarks of that institution.

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Is GO2bank card for stimulus check?

GO2bank is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to process stimulus payments and ensure that you have quick access to your funds. Because of the large volume of calls to our call center, we recommend that you sign up for alerts in the app so that you may be alerted of your deposit with an account alert in the meantime.

Is GO2bank a credit card?

The GO2bank Secured Credit Card is designed for consumers who want to establish or rebuild their credit over time by making prudent purchases and paying their bills on time. You have a credit limit, just as with a standard credit card, and you make monthly payments.

Does GO2bank have a monthly fee?

You will be charged $5 per month for a GO2bank account. However, we’ll waive this cost anytime you receive a payroll or government benefits direct deposit in the prior monthly statement period.

Why did I get GO2bank card in the mail?

You were chosen at random to get a promotional offer from GO2bank in the mail. We sent you this offer because you have previously used one of our banking products or because you have opted in to receive marketing from one of our reputable third-party partners in the past.

What is GO2bank address?

In order to be removed from future mailings, you can opt out here or email a request to GO2bank, P.O. Box 5100 Pasadena, CA 91117-0100, along with your name and postal address.

How do I find my GO2 card number?

Once you’ve logged into your account, navigate to ″Manage cards″ and touch the ″Show card details″ toggle to view your virtual card number, validity date, and CVV code.

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Is GoBank and GO2bank the same?

Greendot has stated that it would be cancelling all of its GoBank accounts and that it will simultaneously launch a new product named GO2bank.Customers who already have an account with GoBank will get the following information in an email: You have been notified that your existing GoBank account program will terminate on October 31, 2021.We appreciate your business and appreciate your understanding.

How do I open a GO2bank account?

You may open a GO2bank account online at GO2bank.com or by using the GO2bank mobile application. It is necessary to verify your identity. If your application is granted, your debit card will be delivered within 7-10 days. Before you can begin using your card, you’ll need to activate it and deposit funds into your account.

Who is GO2bank owned by?

Green Dot Corporation

Type Public
Brands Go2Bank
Revenue $1,254 Million(2020)
Number of employees 1,200
Website greendot.com

Why did I get a wisely card in the mail 2021?

Your stimulus check is most likely being issued because the IRS does not have your direct deposit information on file, or because your banking institution refused the payment and returned the money to the government. It’s possible that the IRS has the incorrect bank account information, or that you’ve cancelled the account, which causes this.

Why did MetaBank send me a debit card?

The short answer is that it is because it is quick. In order to expedite the distribution of payments and ensure that as many individuals as possible receive them, according to the IRS, prepaid debit cards are being distributed. The Bureau of the Fiscal Service is the organization that sponsors these cards.

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