How To Send Money With Revolut?

Tap ‘Payments’ on the main navigation screen in the app. Any friend with a Revolut account will have a blue ‘R’ on their picture. Select your friend, choose the currency and amount you want to send, and add a note or GIF. Then just press ‘Send’ and the money will appear instantly in their Revolut account!

How can I transfer money from Revolut to another bank?

How do I transfer money to my Revolut account from another bank

  1. Log into the external banking site.
  2. Select external transfers.
  3. Add your Revolut account and routing numbers details.
  4. If the bank asks for account type, you should select checking.

How do I send money on Revolut with Link?

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Open Payments then click the Requests tab.
  2. Click “New Request” and choose Payment link.
  3. Fill in the amount, currency and description of your choice.
  4. Click the “Create” button — now you can share with your customer!

Can someone send me money on Revolut?

If someone else would like to add money to your Revolut account, they can send money to your account instantly via their Revolut app or they can send money via bank transfer.

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Can I send money to PayPal from Revolut?

Yes, although currently, this PayPal feature is only available for PayPal accounts in the EU. Please note that: The address on the card must be same as the address entered on PayPal. The card must have stored value (in order for PayPal to make a small deduction for authorization)

How do I send my Revolut details?

You can find local and international transfer details in the Home screen > Accounts tab of the app. Next, select the currency you would like to add to your Revolut account from the drop-down list, tap on ” next to ‘Send’ and choose ‘Details’.

Why can’t I send money on Revolut?

The account you’re paying to may not be able to accept certain types of transfer (i.e SWIFT or SEPA) or may have been closed at the beneficiary bank end. To make sure this won’t happen, make sure that you keep your recipient account details up to date. This is especially common for standing orders (recurring transfer).

How do you share Revolut?

Easily invite your friends to Revolut by going to the ‘Profile’ section in the app, tapping ‘Invite’, and sharing your unique referral link.

Can you send money to someone who doesnt have Revolut?

You can send money to a friend who doesn’t have a Revolut account by setting up a ‘payment link’. You can do this by going into the Revolut app, entering the amount you want to send, clicking on ‘create payment link’, and sending the link to your friend.

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Can you send money to a phone number?

Mobile payments allow you to move money between you and your contacts, other mobile numbers and even retailers with the help of your cell phone. Unlike standard bank transfers, you might not even need the payee’s bank account details for delivery.

What country is Revolut Iban?

Irish customers can expect their Revolut IBAN to change from a GB IBAN to a new LT IBAN. Fintech company Revolut is to migrate its one million Irish customers from its electronic money licenced business in the UK to its Lithuania base due to Brexit.

Is Revolut better than PayPal?

In summary, Revolut is better than PayPal for international money transfers and travel money. PayPal’s benefits to the individual is to keep payment details hidden and protected from online fraud. Revolut is a digital bank optimized for FX.

What bank is Revolut?

Revolut is not a bank but is allowed to hold on to your money as something known as an “e-money” instituon. That means is has permission from the financial regulator to offer banking-like services in the UK.

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