FAQ: Who Are Pension Card Holders?

The Pensioner Concession Card assists pensioners and selected benefit recipients with certain living costs by allowing access to specific goods and services at a concessional rate.

What is a pension card?

The Pensioner Concession Card is your proof of entitlement to concession fares on public transport in NSW. If you are receiving an eligible Centrelink payment, you will automatically receive a Pensioner Concession Card from the Department of Human Services or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Is a pensioner concession card the same as a health care card?

Is a Pensioner Concession Card the same as the Health Care Card? No, the Pensioner Concession Card and Health Care Card are different concession cards offered by Services Australia. The Services Australia website lists eligibility requirements for the Health Care Card.

Who is eligible for pensioner?

To qualify for the NSW Seniors Card you must be a permanent resident of the state, aged 60 or over and working no more than 20 hours a week. At the moment there are more than 1.4 million members of the NSW Seniors Card scheme, and over 3,500 businesses participating.

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What is a pensioner concession card in Australia?

A concession card to get cheaper health care, medicines and some discounts if you get certain payments from us. You don’t need to apply for a Pensioner Concession Card. If you are eligible, we’ll post your card to you.

Can my partner use my pension card?

The good news is that your partner should be entitled to concessions as he is named on your Pension Concession Card. He will receive prescription medicines on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme at a concession rate. However, bulk billing and reduced-rate medical appointments are given at the discretion of the provider.

When can I get a pension card?

As a NSW permanent resident aged 60 or over, you can apply for: a NSW Seniors Card if you’re averaging 20 hours or less of paid work a week across a 12-month period, or. a NSW Senior Savers Card if you’re averaging more than 20 hours of paid work a week across a 12-month period.

What can pensioners get for free?

Here are some of the benefits for pensioners and older people for which you may be eligible:

  • Pension Credit.
  • Cold Weather Payment.
  • Winter Fuel Payment.
  • Disability Living Allowance.
  • Personal Independence Payment.
  • Carer’s Allowance.
  • Attendance Allowance.
  • Bereavement Support Payment.

What is a Centrelink card?

A concession card to get cheaper medicines and some discounts if you get a payment from us. Who can get a card. You may get a Health Care Card if you get specific payments or supplements from us. You’ll get it if you’re on the maximum rate of Family Tax Benefit Part A. Who needs to apply.

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How long do pension cards last?

As long as you’re eligible, we’ll send you a new card 4 to 6 weeks before the expiry date on your current card. The card is valid for 2 years.

How do you qualify for a US pension?

If you have lived or worked in the United States and in Canada, or you are the survivor of someone who has lived or worked in the United States and in Canada, you may be eligible for pensions or benefits from the United States or Canada, or both.

Do I lose my pension if I quit?

If your retirement plan is a 401(k), then you get to keep everything in the account, even if you quit or are fired. The money in that account is based on your contributions, so it’s considered yours.

What does my pension card cover?

With a Pensioner Concession Health Card you can get cheaper medicine, bulk billed doctors visits and help with hearing services. cheaper medicine under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. bulk billed doctor visits – this is up to your doctor.

Can self funded retirees get a pension card?

The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card can give self- funded retirees who do not qualify for a government Age Pension or Department of Veteran Affairs payment, the entitlements that others receive from the Pensioner Concession Card.

Is car registration free for pensioners in NSW?

NSW registration is free for eligible pensioners. NSW stamp duty and transfer fees are not payable by certain DVA pensioners (those receiving a disability pension of 70% or higher, TPI or EDA pensioners or those assessed under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 at 50 or more impairment points).

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