Which Of The Following Would Be Added To The Balance Per Bank On A Bank Reconciliation?

In a bank reconciliation, deposits in transit would be added to the amount based on the most recent bank statement.

What should be included in a bank reconciliation?

A. Service costs B. Unpaid check balances Deposits in transit D. Notes collected by the bank C. Deposits received by the bank C. Deposits while they are in transit A bank reconciliation should be created in order to explain any discrepancies between the depositor’s balance on the books and the depositor’s balance on the bank’s ledger.

What is a credit memo in preparing a bank reconciliation?

N) When compiling a bank reconciliation, the amount indicated by a credit memo for an account receivable received by the bank is added to the balance as recorded in the company’s records. Find out how much cash is left in the Thompson Company’s books (before any modifications) based on the facts shown above.

What entry appears in the bank reconciliation for June 30?

Bank reconciliation on June 30 shows an adjusted balance that has been applied to it.If a corporation writes a check for $340 in settlement of a liability, it records the amount as $430 in the accounting journal.What entry in the company’s accounting records is required?-debit Cash and credit are accepted.Accounts Payable is an abbreviation for Accounts Receivable.Obtaining credit memos from the bank demonstrates that the bank has collected a customer’s note receivable.

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What if a check is incorrectly recored on the bank reconciliation?

It is permissible to add $54 to the book’s balance if a check for $628 that was correctly made and paid by the bank is mistakenly recored on the company’s books as $682.

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