What Is The Routing Number For Woodforest Bank?

Routing Numbers are a type of routing number that is used to direct traffic. Woodforest’s American Bankers Association routing and/or transit number may be found at the bottom of all of our checks and deposit slips. ROUTING NUMBERS FOR THE WOODFOREST ABA.

ABA State Counties
113008465 Texas All
314972853 TX – Refugio All
053112592 Virginia All

Where to find Woodford national bank routing number on a paper check?

The routing number of WOODFOREST NATIONAL BANK is located on the bottom of a paper check. On each check issued by WOODFOREST NATIONAL BANK, the ABA Check Routing Number may be found on the bottom left-hand side of the check. There are several instances in which the sequence of the checking account number and the check serial number is reversed on the check.

How many branches does Woodforest Bank have?

At the time of writing, the company has around 788 branches across 17 different states. Walmart’s most important retail partner is the Woodforest National Bank. It is necessary to have the Woodforest Bank Routing Number and account number in order to set up a direct deposit, receive cash through wire transfers, or execute an automated money transfer transaction (ACH).

What is the limit for check deposits in Woodforest Bank?

Although there is no specific restriction for check deposits at Woodforest Bank, there is a daily limit that you are not permitted to exceed. This number is more significant to a bank than it is to a person since the bank need this routing number before it can complete any transaction with the individual.

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