Readers ask: How To Open An Account In Punjab National Bank?

Documents Required to Open Punjab National Bank Savings Account

  1. Proof of identity – Passport, Driving license, Voter’s ID card, etc.
  2. Proof of address – Passport, Driving license, Voter’s ID card, etc.
  3. PAN card.
  4. Form 16 (only if PAN card is not available)
  5. 2 latest passport size photographs.

How can I open a bank account in PNB?

Step 1: First, visit the official website of PNB. Step 2: Go to Savings Account option and select the option ‘Apply Now’. Step 3: Fill the required details like Name, Contact number, Date of Birth, Address etc. and click on ‘Submit’.

Can I open zero balance account in Punjab National Bank?

Minimum balance requirement – The Basic Savings Deposit Account at PNB does not require account holders to have a minimum balance in the account. This is a zero balance account and hence is devoid of initial balance,requirement. Transaction limit – There is no limit to the number of deposits that is allowed per month.

What is CA PNB account?

A Current Account loaded with most desirable features, privileges, flexibility and wider choice of variants to cater to the diversified banking needs for any business activity – with or without Sweep-in and Sweep-out facility.

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How long does it take to open a bank account in PNB?

Steps to open a Punjab National Bank Savings account online: On receiving the TCRN, the customer will then have to submit the number, application form and requisite KYC documents for verification. Following approval, the bank will activate the account within 3-5 working days.

How can I apply for PNB online?

Online Registration for Retail Internet Banking:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Retail –>> User New User.
  3. Select Internet Banking/Mobile Banking/Both.
  4. Enter Account Number & Select “Type of Facility” (View Only or View & Transaction).
  5. Enter OTP (One Time password), received on your registered Mobile Number.

What documents are required for opening PNB account?

Documents Required For Opening The Account

  • Application (AOF) and Specimen signatures.
  • ID & Address proof as per KYC norms.
  • Photos.
  • In case of Company Memorandum & Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Board resolution, etc.
  • Related documents in case of HUF, Trust, Firms etc.

How much money we can deposit in PNB bank?

A maximum limit of Rs 25,000 per day is allowed for deposits of cash at non-base branches. Similar charges are applicable for cash deposits at PNB machine. Apart from above mentioned comparison, if your cash deposit is of Rs 10 lakh, then banks will have to follow a prescribed pattern by RBI.

How Qab is calculated?

The QAB is calculated by adding the Closing Day Balances and dividing the sum by the number of days in the quarter. But it’s important to make sure the average of daily closing balances over the quarter is equal to or higher than the prescribed QAB, not less.

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