Quick Answer: Who Owns Cua Bank?

As of 2013, it is the largest customer-owned financial institution in Australia. It offers banking, health and insurance services to around 500,000 Australians.

Great Southern Bank.

Native name Credit Union Australia Ltd.
Industry Banking, financial services
Founded 1946
Headquarters Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Who bought CUA?

Australia’s biggest customer-owned bank has undergone a full rebrand, with Credit Union Australia (CUA) becoming Great Southern Bank. The move comes on the 75th anniversary of the formation of CUA, and according to their CEO Paul Lewis, the renaming was a product of months of research and workshopping new ideas.

Which bank is CUA affiliated with?

Today, Great Southern Bank becomes the new trading name of CUA, Australia’s largest customer-owned bank.

Is CUA member owned?

Mutuality matters to us – CUA’s members are our owners, with each member having an equal share in the organisation.

Why did CUA change to GS bank?

CUA’s CEO, Paul Lewis, said the bank had conducted research which showed that it needed to change its name from a ‘credit union’ to a ‘bank’ due to younger adults not having a strong understanding of what a credit union was or how it operates. Mr Lewis said CUA would remain owned by its customers.

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What is CUA bank called now?

When did we launch our new brand? We will change our name to Great Southern Bank on 1 June 2021. That is the day our website and app will change from CUA to Great Southern Bank.

Is CUA not for profit?

Is CUA Health nonprofit? No, but CUA’s parent company is a mutual organisation.

Who is taking over CUA?

Summary: HBF welcoming around 79,000 new members and 63 Brisbane-based employees after acquiring private health insurer CUA Health from Great Southern Bank.

Is CUA becoming a bank?

Australia’s largest credit union CUA is rebranding as ‘Great Southern Bank’, transitioning to trade as a ‘bank’ in 2021. Update 1 June 2021: CUA has officially become ‘Great Southern Bank’. “We are a vibrant alternative to the big four banks.

Is CUA a mutual?

Mutual funds combine the benefits of diversification and professional management with affordability for the average investor. CUA has access to a wide variety of mutual funds from several well known fund families including NEI Investments, Trimark, Fidelity, just to name a few.

How many CUA branches are there in Australia?

Cua in Queensland, Australia – locations, hours All Cua locations ( 27 ) in Queensland in shopping centres and malls.

What is CUA membership?

With CUA, you’re a customer and an owner. Membership with CUA includes a one time investment of $5* (1 share at $5.00 each) that stays on deposit in a common share account, and may be redeemed upon the withdrawal of membership from CUA.

Does CUA have OSKO?

Osko and NPP We offer NPP Payment and subscribe to Osko under the BPAY Scheme. As part of NPP and Osko, we allow members to make and receive most Osko Payments in near real-time, subject to the limitations set out in these terms and conditions.

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What is my WAC CUA?

Your WAC (Web Access Code) is the alphanumeric passcode you use to access Great Southern Bank Online or Mobile Banking. Contact the iM CUA team on 1800 931 411.

What are building societies UK?

Building societies are cooperative groups, completely owned by their members, each of whom has a vote. Building societies in the U.K. are also not allowed to raise more than 50% of their funds from wholesale markets. Building societies have a particular focus on savings and mortgage lending.

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