Quick Answer: Who Owns Boq Bank?

The bank is one of the oldest financial institutions in Queensland, having begun as a building society, It now has 160 branches throughout Australia, including 65 corporate branches and 95 “owner managed” branches.

Bank of Queensland.

Type Public
Key people Patrick Allaway (Chairman) George Frazis (Managing Director)


Who is BOQ owned by?

A wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank of Queensland Limited specialising in asset, cash flow and structured finance solutions. BOQF is a mid-market financier providing deep industry and product skills to its partner base servicing over 100,000 customers across seven dedicated lines of business.

Is BOQ owned by Citibank?

238098, Australian credit licence 238098 ( Citigroup ) is the credit provider and issuer of Bank of Queensland Credit Cards (Credit Cards). Bank of Queensland Limited ABN 32 009 656 740 (BOQ) distributes the Credit Cards under an agreement with Citigroup.

What banks are affiliated with Bank of Queensland?

The company also owns Rural Bank, Community Bank, Up, Delphi Bank and Alliance Bank. Bank of Queensland (BOQ) owns Virgin Money Australia and ME. It also owns BOQ Specialist Bank (previously Investec Bank) which provides specialist banking services to doctors, dentists and vets.

Who owns St George bank?


Is the Bank of Queensland Safe?

However, all deposits and loans approved by an Owner Managed Branch are actually with BOQ. So if you deposit your money at an Owner Managed Branch, it is as safe as it would be with a corporately-owned branch, a service or transaction centre, Private Bank or a Business Banking Centre.

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Who is 86400 owned by?

Who owns 86 400? 86 400 is backed by National Australia Bank (NAB).

Who is Bank of Queensland?

The Bank of Queensland (branded BOQ) is an Australian retail bank with headquarters in Brisbane, Queensland.

Is ING owned by ANZ?

No. ING has never been part of the joint venture between ING Insurance Australia and ANZ. ING has always operated as a completely separate business to ING Insurance Australia and will remain a 100% owned subsidiary of ING Group.

Who owns the Commonwealth Bank of Australia?

Founded in 1911 by the Australian Government and fully privatised in 1996, the Commonwealth Bank is one of the “big four” Australian banks, with the National Australia Bank (NAB), ANZ and Westpac.

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