Question: How Many Commonwealth Bank Branches In Australia?

Commonwealth Bank

Type Public
Industry Banking and financial services
Founded 22 December 1911 (government bank) 1991 (public company)
Headquarters Darling Park Tower 1, 201 Sussex Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Number of locations 1,100+ branches 4,300+ ATMs


Which bank has the most branches in Australia?

Commonwealth Bank Founded in 1911, the bank is headquartered in Sydney. The bank employs around 51,800 staff and operates more than 11,000 branches. It is the largest of the banks in Australia and offers a diversified range of financial products and services.

How many branches does the CBA have?

CBA committed to branches As at 30 June 2016, Commonwealth Bank had 1,000 branches (1,131 including Bankwest stores).

Is the Commonwealth Bank only in Australia?

Commonwealth Bank has offices in Asia, Europe, New Zealand and North America offering a range of financial services.

How big is the Commonwealth Bank of Australia?

Today, we’ve grown to a business that serves 15.9 million customers, employs 48,900 people and has more than 800,000 shareholders. We offer a full range of financial services to help secure and enhance the financial wellbeing of Australia’s people, businesses and communities.

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How many ANZ branches are there in Australia?

Personal banking ANZ serves around six million customers at over 570 branches in Australia.

How many NAB branches in Australia?

We’re NAB. We are here to serve customers well and help our communities prosper. Today, there are more than 30,000 people, serving 9 million customers, at over 900 locations throughout Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Who owns the RBA Australia?

The Bank is a body corporate wholly owned by the Commonwealth of Australia. For more information see about the RBA.

What is the oldest bank in Australia?

In April 1817 Australia’s first bank, the Bank of New South Wales (now Westpac), opened in Sydney. Governor Lachlan Macquarie and Judge-Advocate John Wylde were instrumental its formation.

Why is commbank the best?

Funding: CBA is 70% funded by customer deposits, which are typically more stable and less expensive. The balance is funded by capital and more expensive/more volatile wholesale debt. ANZ is only 52% funded by customer deposits, NAB is 57% and Westpac is 63%;

How much does the CEO of Commonwealth Bank earn?

As the Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, and Executive Director of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the total compensation of Matt Comyn at Commonwealth Bank of Australia is AUD$5,682,180.

Does Commonwealth Bank have a uniform?

g. CBA shares given every year to those staff who has a good performance,and bonus every year base on staff’s performance, free uniforms.

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