Often asked: What Is Bpay Commonwealth Bank?

BPAY for business. A fast and easy way for your customers to pay bills. Log on to CommBiz to pay and schedule one-off or recurring BPAY® payments.

What is BPAY and how does it work?

BPAY View sends bills and statements straight to the same online banking you use to pay them, putting an end to bills getting lost on your desk or in your inbox. Depending on your bank you’ll receive a convenient SMS, email or bank message reminder to pay your bill.

How do I use BPAY CommBank?

Pay a new biller

  1. Log on to the CommBank app.
  2. Tap Accounts then choose the account you want to pay from.
  3. Tap Pay.
  4. Tap BPAY then Pay new biller.
  5. Tap the pencil.
  6. Enter your Biller code, Reference no. and Biller nickname then tap Done.
  7. Enter the Amount – enter a Description if you want.
  8. Tap Pay.

Is there a fee for BPAY?

You can pay most of your bills using BPAY, including council rates, telephone, gas and water bills. You’ll need to be registered for internet banking or telephone banking to use BPAY. There are no fees or charges for paying a bill via BPAY (it’s free).

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What is the point of BPAY?

BPAY is Australia’s most widely used bill payment service which enables bill payers to transfer funds electronically from their bank accounts to billers. It is offered as a payment channel by over 170 financial institutions through their phone and Internet banking services.

Is BPAY only in Australia?

BPAY payments can only be made from Australian bank accounts. All of the businesses offering BPAY accept payments from savings, cheque and debit card accounts, only some accept payments from credit card accounts.

Is BPAY the same as direct debit?

“When you use BPAY you are in control. You can choose what to pay and how much to pay. ” Unlike direct debit, you can easily change a scheduled bill payment at any time and it’s easy to use BPAY to schedule your bill payments.”

Is BPAY safe than bank transfer?

Built-in security doesn’t require third party access It gives consumers more control over their data and when payments are made than alternatives such as direct debit. This extra control and certainty results in a higher BPAY transfer limit than typical bank transfers.

What is my BPAY number?

Where do I find it? A CRN is a unique number that the business that issued the bill uses to identify your account, or the invoice you are paying. You can find it in the payment options section of your bill — just look for the BPAY logo.

How do I become a BPAY biller?

To become a BPAY Biller, simply contact your bank. Become a Sub Biller – and get cleared money in your accounts save on overheads and administration and say goodbye to chargeback risk.

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Can you cancel a BPAY payment commbank?

Once a BPAY payment is made, it cannot be stopped. However, if you believe you have made a mistake in your BPAY payment you may contact our CommBiz Helpdesk on 13 2339 and request a payment reversal. If approved, the payment will return to the account where the payment was originated.

How long does a BPAY transaction take?

The biller is required (under BPAY® rules) to treat your payment as being received on that same day. Payments made after 6:00pm on business days, or at any time on a weekend or public holiday will usually be treated as being received by the biller on the next business day.

Can you BPAY to a bank account?

You don’t need linked accounts to send funds to your Online Savings Account – instead, you can use BPAY payments to do it quickly and easily. One thing to note: when you send money this way, the minimum transfer allowed is $1000, and the maximum is $100,000.

How does BPAY work in Australia?

What is BPAY? BPAY® is an easy and secure way to manage your bills with one payment method all through your online or mobile banking. You can choose which account to pay bills from, and schedule payments on a date that works for you, so long as you have funds available in your account on the scheduled date.

Can I use credit card for BPAY?

Can I use BPAY using my credit card? Yes you can, but you should check if you are being charged as a purchase or a cash advance. Some banks may allow you to use BPAY with your credit card if the biller does not accept credit card payments.

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What is my BPAY biller code commonwealth?

How do I find out what my Biller Code is? We will allocate your Biller Code to you. If you haven’t been notified what your Biller Code is yet, please contact your Commonwealth Bank representative or call us on 1800 730 554.

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