How To Turn Off Telstra Home Message Bank?

To deactivate MessageBank you need to: Dial 125101 to access your MessageBank Service, Listen to your messages or the main menu options (if you have no messages) and follow the prompts, Press 5 to cancel your MessageBank service.

How do you turn off Telstra voicemail?

To remove voice mail from your mobile dial #002#. help/set-up-messagebank-and- They’ll be able to cancel the message to text for you.

How do I get rid of voicemail on my landline?

How to Delete Messages on a Home Phone

  1. Call your voicemail, either remotely from another phone, or from your own phone.
  2. Dial your password when required.
  3. Delete old messages you do not wish to keep.
  4. Continue deleting all unwanted messages until the inbox is clear.

How do I turn off 101?

To deactivate Home Messages 101:

  1. Dial 101.
  2. Press 3 for mailbox set-up.
  3. Press #
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How do I turn off Telstra 10 second messages?

To cancel Message2text you’ll need to call Telstra on 132200, which it states’s in the below link.

How do I turn Message Bank off on my phone?

How to cancel MessageBank

  1. Dial #002# from your Boost mobile and press Call/Send.
  2. Your mobile phone will display a message confirming MessageBank has been cancelled.

How do I deactivate my voicemail?

Delete a text conversation, call, or voicemail

  1. Open the Voice app.
  2. On the bottom, tap Messages, Calls, or Voicemail.
  3. Tap a conversation, call, or voicemail to select it More options.
  4. Tap Delete Tap the box next to “I understand”

What number do you press to delete a voicemail?

Dial *99 from your phone or press the Messages key. Note: Depending on the phone model, this button may have an envelope icon on it. If there are multiple lines assigned to the device, select the desired line before completing these steps. Dial your password (default 0000 ).

How do I delete messages on my BT landline?

BT Answer 1571 Instructions

  1. Press ‘1’ to replay the message.
  2. Press ‘2’ to save the message and move on to the next.
  3. Press ‘3’ to delete the message and move on to the next.

How do I delete a voicemail recording?

You may be able to delete or re-record your message by staying on the line even after you have recorded your voicemail. You will need to access the voicemail menu of your recipient for deleting or re-recording your voicemail. Try pressing * or # on the dial pad to access the menu.

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How do I turn off Telstra Home Messages 101?

To deactivate Home Messages 101:

  1. Dial 101.
  2. Press 3 for mailbox set-up.
  3. Press #

How do I turn on Telstra Home Messages 101?

To access Home messages 101, just dial 101 from your Home phone. When you call 101 from your home phone you will be prompted to activate the service using you keypad. You can then check your messages anytime by calling 101.

How do I turn on Telstra message bank?

To activate your MessageBank®:

  1. Call 101 or hold down the 1 key on your Telstra mobile.
  2. Follow the voice prompts to set up your personal greeting and MessageBank® PIN.

Why does my home phone go straight to message bank?

1 Answer. If the call still goes to messagebank there may be a fault on the line or in the telephone exchange that will prevent you getting dial tone for outgoing calls and indicates that the line is busy and incoming calls are being redirected to messagebank. Contact your phone service provider regarding the problem.

What is Telstra Message Bank Plus?

From today, customers with a compatible Apple® iPhone™ on a Telstra mobile plan can access a new and convenient way to manage their voicemail. It’s called MessageBank Plus and it allows you to quickly access the voice messages that matter to you most.

How do I access my Telstra voicemail from a landline?

Dial 101 to call MessageBank. To access the Messagebank from another phone there are two ways the customer can do this: Just call the mobile service and interrupt the greeting by pressing the hash (#) key. You will then be prompted you to enter the MessageBank PIN.

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