How To Set Up A Bank Account For A Child?

When you open your child’s first bank account, include him or her in the process (if they are old enough to understand). Check to see that your kid knows that the bank will keep their money secure until they are ready to use it themselves. Demonstrate this by instructing them on how to monitor their account balance – and urge them to do so on a consistent basis.

What do I need to open a bank account for kids?

You’ll need your social security cards, or simply the numbers, to open a bank account for your children. (Not sure where your child’s social security card is, or perhaps you haven’t applied for one yet? (For additional information on how to obtain a social security number for your child, go here.) For my child, what type of bank account should I open is up to you.

Can a child have a bank account with a parent?

A child’s bank account operates in much the same way as an adult’s bank account, with the exception that a parent must be named as a joint account owner in order for the account to be active. Besides the ability to deposit and withdraw money from their account, your kid will also be able to accrue interest on money held in a savings or checking account.

Can I open a current account for my child?

Children’s current accounts are now being offered by a growing number of new challenger banks, including the new digital banks, so there should be plenty of options for parents to choose from. When your kid reaches the age of eighteen, their bank account will often be upgraded to a regular adult current account automatically.

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How do I apply for a children’s account?

If you are between the ages of 7 and 17 when applying for MySavings, you are eligible to open one of our children’s accounts (or 11-17 if applying for MyAccount) 2 (If your parent or guardian already has an account with us), you can provide identification as confirmation of your identity.If your parent or guardian does not bank with us, you and your parents may be required to show identification and proof of residency.

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