How Much Do Bank Workers Make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual income of bankers was $76,200 as of May 2019. Those in the top ten percent of the income distribution may earn more than $132,680 each year. Bankers with the lowest salaries earned less than $32,560 per year.

How much do US bank employees make a year?

US Bank pays its workers an average of $68,975 a year, according to PayScale. United States Bank employees earn salaries ranging from $41,990 to $113,438 a year on average.

How much does a bank manager make a year?

Those who hold the position of Managing Director, Banking get the highest salaries at U.S. Bank, with an average annual compensation of $190,659, while those who hold the position of Bank Teller earn the lowest salaries, with an average annual pay of $24,799.

What is the average salary of a World Bank employee?

The typical income at The World Bank ranges from roughly $28,539 per year for Outside Sales Representative to $571,681 per year for Vice President, with the lowest compensation being $28,539 per year. Employees at the World Bank give the organization’s total remuneration and benefits package a rating of 4/5 stars. The World Bank pays the highest compensation in the world.

Which banking positions get paid the most?

Vice president and financial analyst are two of the job titles examined in the research for each company. Glassdoor evaluated more than 770 salary reports for each of these positions in order to get the total average pay for each. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Goldman Sachs pays its vice presidents and financial analysts more than any other bank in the industry.

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