FAQ: What Is A Key Card Commonwealth Bank?

Like most banks, the Commonwealth Bank has both a basic debit card, which they call a Keycard, and a debit MasterCard for more convenient access options with an everyday banking account. With a Keycard option, cardholders would be able to withdraw money and check their account balance at ATMs and use EFTPOS facilities.

What’s the difference between a debit card and a key card?

The debit card does everything the keycard can do and more. Like a keycard, a debit card is linked to your everyday expenses account, so whenever you pay for something, the money is taken from the ‘available funds’ in that account. The other advantage of the debit card is that it can be used to make online purchases.

How do I get a Commonwealth bank key card?

How to get a Keycard. Simply contact us or drop into your nearest branch and we will help you with your order. If you need to pay for things online or set up recurring payments, a Debit Mastercard® may be a better option for you.

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Can you use a CommBank keycard online?

Use instore, online and withdraw local currency at millions of locations, everywhere Mastercard is accepted. Choose a Debit Mastercard with your CommBank account and pay for things using your card, smartphone or wearable.

How do I get a Platinum debit card Commonwealth Bank?

Simply log on to the CommBank app, go to Cards and then select your new card. Or visit commbank.com.au/new to log on to NetBank, then follow the links. Accepted at millions of locations worldwide, your Platinum Debit Mastercard could be the perfect travel companion. Let us know you are going overseas before you fly.

How do you get a key card?

You can buy the SEPTA Key Card at SEPTA Transit Sales Offices, Center City Regional Rail Sales Offices, the 1234 Market Street Lobby Fare Kiosks, Fare Kiosks at all Broad Street and Market Frankford Line Stations, Fare Kiosks at select Bus Loops, and a growing list of External (non-SEPTA) Retailers.

How do I put money on my key card?

You can load/reload your Travel Wallet at all SEPTA Sales Offices, Market-Frankford and Broad Street Line Station and Bus Loop Fare Kiosks, online through the SEPTA Key website or the SEPTA Key Customer Call Center.

What is a key card debit card?

The Key2Benefits card can be used to make purchases anywhere MasterCard ® debit cards are accepted. You can use your Key2Benefits card for online, phone and mail order purchases. You can also use your card to withdraw cash at ATMs, banks or credit unions or by getting cash back with purchases at participating retailers.

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Can my 10 year old have a debit card?

Though rules vary by financial institution, some don’t allow minors to have debit cards under their own name before the age of 16. Others choose to offer them to kids who are 13 or younger. But even if you can get one from your current bank, you don’t want to just hand your child a debit card.

Can a 13 year old have a debit card in Australia?

12-14 year olds can open the account online, but you must be 14 or older to receive the debit card. Easy Money Cards are very similar to debit cards when in Australia, however can only be used to withdraw cash overseas.

How do I find my NetBank password?

If you forget your NetBank client number or password, or you need to unlock your account, you can reset your NetBank details online. You may not be able to reset your password online if you don’t have an active CommBank card, or you don’t know your PIN.

Can my 13 year old get a debit card?

What age can a child get a debit card? A child can typically get a debit card at 13 when a parent or legal guardian opens a joint teen checking account on their behalf. Teen checking accounts are typically available until the child turns 18.

Can I pay a large amount by debit card?

In short, yes, you’re more than able to use your debit card for larger payments, however, there are some things to consider or a few steps you may need to take to ensure you have no issues in doing so.

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What is the difference between a platinum debit card and a gold?

Platinum cardholders usually earn more rewards points per $1 spent than gold cardholders. Platinum cards give higher minimum credit limits than gold cards, which can be a bonus if you spend a lot on credit and can responsibly manage your credit card payments.

How much money do you need for a platinum card?

While there is no set score needed, we recommend you have a credit score of at least 720, 2 years of clean credit history, and an income of at least $50,000 per year to apply for the Amex Platinum card.

Which debit card is better platinum or titanium?

Titanium cards often offer additional benefits such as no fee for late payments, or no charges for transactions. These offers are often not offered to the holder of a Platinum card. An annual membership fee charged on the titanium card is usually higher than the platinum card.

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