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  • Migration and Remittances Factbook 2011 2 MB

    Migration and Remittances Factbook 2011 provides a comprehensive picture of emigration, skilled emigration, immigration, and remittance fl ows for 210 countries and 15 country groups, drawing on authoritative, publicly available data. The Factbook is part of a broader effort of the Development Prospects Group of the World Bank to monitor and analyze migration and remittances from a development perspective.

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  • The Remittance Market in India 2 MB

    India is the world’s foremost remittance destination. The size and potential impact of these inflows is large as well. This report was prepared by a World Bank team led by Gabi Afram under the guidance of Simon Bell, Ivan Rossignol, and Massimo Cirasino, undertaking a broad, detailed diagnostic of the Indian remittance market and analyze its characteristics based on the General Principles for International Remittance Services (GPs).

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  • Vietnam's Recent Economic Developments 3 MB

    The analysis is prepared by the World Bank for the Consultative group meeting for Vietnam. It provides an update of insightful outlook on Vietnam's recent economic environment and economic developments. Meanwhile, although Vietnam has made remarkable progress in reducing poverty and promoting prosperity, it still faces considerable challenges. The article in the end points out few of them that have drawn public attention.

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  • Addressing Climate Change and Migration in Asia and the Pacific 4 MB

    This report presents a detailed picture of the potential impacts of climate change on migration in Asia and the Pacific. The report builds upon important work previously undertaken on the subject for the Asian Development Bank, which is to better understand how environmental events affect migration, and to elaborate responses. In short, climate-induced migration should not be treated in isolation. This is because many of the drivers of migration are intertwined.

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  • Remittances: Their Role, Trends and Australian Opportunities 2 MB

    This is an independent report prepared for Western Union by the Australian Centre for Financial Studies. The Remittance Industry is a large and important part of the financial sector worldwide and in Australia. It facilitates transfers and payments for individuals for a wide variety of reasons. The increasing role of e-commerce and developments in information and communications technology provides both opportunities and challenges for the sector. Thus the article emphasizes on the discussion of the ability of MTOs to engage and collaborate with traditional operators of the domestic and international payments systems

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