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These questions and answers apply specifically to Australia. Whilst they will generally apply to most of the Asia countries there may be some local differences that you should take into account.

Sending money to Asia

  • How can I send my money?

    There are many ways to send money from Australia to China, India, Indonesia, Philippines or Vietnam:

    Cash – You can send cash from Australia, by using one of many different money transfer organisations, and your family can pick up cash in the country that they are in.

    Card-to-card – You can send your money by using a bank card and the person you’re sending to can collect the money in cash at an ATM or the money can be spent in stores where the card is accepted

    An International Money Order (IMO) - Your bank will give you an international guaranteed cheque and your family can then cash the cheque at their bank or pay it into their bank account.

    Bank to Bank Transfer – If you have a bank account you can transfer money from this to a bank account in another country. The method used is often called a SWIFT transfer – this is the name of a transfer system.

    The Internet – Some money transfer companies let you transmit through the internet (online). You need to set up a special account and then the company will send the money to your friend’s bank account or make it available for the money to be collected as cash.

    Cell Phone and New Technology – sending money is an area that is developing all the time due to new technology. For example, The Philippines is well established with mobile phone money transfers – where money is sent to a recipient who receives the funds via their mobile phone. Smart cards are also growing in popularity and these technologies are developing across Asia.

  • How much money can I send?

    There is no legal limit to the amount of money that you can send. However, many businesses that transfer money do limit the amount that they can send for you. You are likely to be asked to provide some additional identification or to answer some questions by your money transfer company or bank if the amount you want to send is large.

  • What ID do I need to send money?

    Identification requirements vary from company to company although it is common for identification to be requested for any amount over AUD 1000. You may need to produce a current form of identification such as a passport or photo driving licence. You also need to have this ID the first time you use a new money transfer company.

  • Do I have to be an Australian to send money?

    No, anyone can send money but you must have proof of who you are.

  • What can I do if my money doesn’t arrive to my friends or family?

    You should contact the company that you sent the money through and ask them to determine where it is. You should also make sure that the person you have sent the money to has contacted the organisation that should pay the money to them. If the money can still not be found and you are using a money transfer organisation to send your money, you should contact the Australian Financial Ombudsman service on +1 300 780 808 or look at